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My workshop works at the rhythm of my hands, although I would like to keep up with my ideas. I make prints, felts, bags ..., unique pieces that are the product of years of study, constant work and permanent evolution.

My main characteristic is the great energy that I put into everything I do. I try to reach the majority of people, performing entirely by hand very functional, practical and timeless pieces.

When someone buys one of my products, I want them to feel that they are wearing a unique and unrepeatable piece, that they have something "Beautiful" and of course "Natural".

When a client needs something special, I maintain a close collaboration with him from the conceptual phase to the delivery, adapting my creative process to his needs.

Contact me to talk about your project or come to visit my workshop to see some of my pieces.

How to create a hand-painted natural silk and wood fan

Creating a hand-painted natural silk and wood fan is a process that requires skill, patience, and art. Each fan is a unique work of art that reflects the dedication and passion of the craftsman.

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The Magic of Eco-Print Stamping on Silk

Textile botanical printing, also known as ecoprint, is a printing technique that uses natural pigments from leaves, flowers, and barks to create textile designs inspired by nature with organic textures.

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Margilan Silk in Nuno Felt Making

Margilan silk is particularly used in nuno felt making due to its unique characteristics that make it ideal for this type of textile technique. Nuno felt is a technique in which silk is intertwined with wool or textile fibers to create a lightweight and flexible fabric with exceptional properties.

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