Natural fibers

The main natural fibers that I use are:

Flax: Fiber of vegetable origin obtained from the flax plant. It is characterized by being a strong, flexible, very strong and bright fiber that absorbs moisture and perspiration. Tends to wrinkle easily.

Cotton: Fiber of vegetable origin, soft, elastic and resistant with high capacity to absorb moisture. It is the most commonly used fiber and is characterized by wrinkling easily.

Wool: Soft and elastic natural fiber of animal origin. It is characterized by its thermal capacity to absorb or evaporate water, depending on the outside temperature, adapting to changes in body temperature.

Silk: Soft and shiny fiber that has its origin in the silkworm. It is a very fine and resistant fiber, capable of absorbing 45% of its weight in water, soft to the touch and has a characteristic shine.

Tips so your clothes are always impeccable

  • Wash separately white and light colored garments, colored or dark garments.
  • Natural fabrics such as wool, linen or silk shrink when washed at too high a temperature and deform when centrifuged or laid vertically. It is recommended to wash the natural tissues in warm water and iron them at low temperature and vice versa. Cowboys must always be washed inside out and must not exceed 40ºC.
  • The silk should be washed by hand, with cold water, without rubbing or twisting, that is, without forcing the washing; for this it is advisable not to allow the garments to get very dirty, in order to clean them always with a light wash; This will prolong the life of the garment
  • The lyes attack the silk.
  • Iron with caution, without exerting much pressure or long periods
  • It can be cleaned dry, with any solvent, but with caution

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