Workshop and Showroom

In the workshop prints are made to obtain silk scarves, soft and full of color and brightness; felts made from merino wool of Spanish origin from transhumant flocks located in Extremadura and Castilla y León, which are used to create the felt and leather bags; together with the silk and other wool, the wonderful Nuno Felt scarves are created, worked with water, soap and  friction, until the wool fibers are woven into the silk fabric forming a single set; original and useful cowboy bags, which give a new life to discarded jeans fabrics, promoting the circular and socially responsible economy; the fans are designed, other multiple products are created such as felt and silk flowers, velvet bags, necks and felt scarves ... only available in the physical store.

Unique pieces made entirely by hand and designed to last many years. Pieces that identify with the person who wears them, forming part of their style, their way of being.

In the workshop courses or workshops of various stamping techniques (gutta, batik, antifussant, watercolor, ...), Nuno, Felt ...

All the pieces can be customized, collaborating with the client from the conceptual phase to the delivery, adapting my creative process to their needs.

Conchita Menéndez

Higher Technician in Applied Arts. Specialty in Textile Arts.

Master Craft Badge, awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2012.

Teaching multiple courses and workshops, highlighting the courses of:

- "Advanced stamping" taught at the Museum of Printing in Premiá de Mar, in October 2013 and the one carried out for the ACTM (Asoc. Textile Creators of Madrid) in 2014.

- "Acid and reactive dyes. Direct printing systems on protein and cellulosic fibers ”carried out for CEARCAL in 2017.

Participation in multiple exhibitions, among which are:

• 2004: During the months of April and May he exhibits the work "Elegy to the weaver of Words" at the Spanish-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona

• 2005-2006: Participation in the project to stimulate creativity in the textile sector of the European Union "La Tela di Aracne"

• 2005: Exhibition of various pieces at the Terrassa Textile Museum and Documentation Center

• 2006: Exhibition of textile pieces in the Exhibition Hall of the Congress Palace of Perugia (Italy)

• 2018: Collective exhibition ACAR (Barcelona)

• 2019: Collective exhibition ASOART (Barcelona)

• 2020: Virtual exhibition EXPO-BREATHING

• 2020-2021: Exhibition of pieces at the Valencia Handicraft Center, of the Valencian Community Handicraft Awards Finalists, Vanguard Handicraft section

Contact me to talk about your project or come to visit my workshop to see some of my pieces and discover my world.

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