The Magic of Eco-Print Stamping on Silk

Eco-print stamping is a fascinating artisan technique that allows the permanent imprinting and stamping of natural pigments from leaves and flowers on 100% organic fabrics. This technique aligns with the trend of sustainable fashion, as it uses organic materials and environmentally friendly processes.

What is Eco-Print?

Eco-print, also known as botanical stamping, is a technique that involves transferring the natural pigments found in leaves and flowers to organic fabrics such as silk, wool, or cotton. This process allows the creation of unique and environmentally friendly designs.

ecoprint botanical stamping on silk

The Eco-Print Process

The eco-print stamping process begins with the collection of leaves and flowers in the mountains or in the garden. Once collected, they are sorted by species and the stamping process begins. The fabric to be stamped is immersed in a mordant, a solution of mineral substances that acts as a bridge between the fabric and the plant material. This process helps the color penetrate and permanently fix in the fibers so that it does not disappear with washing. Once the fabric has been treated with the mordant, it is carefully stretched over a table and the leaves and flowers are placed on it, creating different designs and patterns on each piece. Then, the fabric is rolled up and tied before starting a 2-hour cooking process, which allows the plant material to release its color and transfer it to the fabric. The rolls are opened and the plant remains are removed. Then they are washed to remove excess pigment and air dried again. When the fabrics are dry, they are ironed and the results are observed.

ecoprint botanical stamping on silkecoprint botanical stamping on silk

The Beauty of Eco-Print

ecoprint botanical stamping on silk

Each design created with the eco-print technique is unique. The always different arrangement of leaves and flowers, along with the randomness of the sizes and shapes of nature, results in a universe of unique prints. In addition, the results can vary depending on factors such as the time of year, the geographical location of collection, ambient humidity, heat, vaporization and rest times, among others. Eco-print stamping not only creates beautiful designs, but also respects the environment. It is a wonderful way to incorporate natural beauty into our fashion accessories.

ecoprint botanical stamping on silkecoprint botanical stamping on silk

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