After almost 2 months, we are already '' half installed '' in our new headquarters, in Alicante.

The workshop and showroom is a dream come true; It has more than 60 meters to work, next to the sea and with routines very different from the chaotic Barcelona (I do not know if I can with such tranquility, we will have to make some escape to breathe city). I am still opening boxes, but the workshop, a little bit precarious, is already in motion.

In the near future, it will be prepared to organize courses, both mine and those of other colleagues and friends who do very interesting things and are full of knowledge, Pepa, Yolanda ... I already have you.

Being attentive to new publications, learning and having fun at the same time is very rewarding, and of course we will have coffee and something else to skip the diet ... Whoever prefers horchata just has to say it. Do you cheer up?