For this summer we have created a series of Natural Silk and Moabi Wood Fans, hand painted, in medium (23cm, the most common) and large (27cm) sizes, also called "medium Pericón".

The fabric is 10 mom Silk Crepe, also called “Crespon”; light, soft and resistant, due to the peculiar twisting of its fibers.

The linkage for each Fan is made of Moabi wood, also known as Ayap or African Pearwood. It is an extraordinary quality wood, heavy, hard, with a straight fiber and fine grain.

Each Fan is a unique piece, totally made in Spain, guaranteed with the stamp of "Spanish Fan" engraved on the wood.

The packaging is a cardboard box, ideal for making a gift.

Due to their quality, colors, exclusivity and design, they are ideal for both daily use and collection. Very elegant for any occasion.